Hello Out There.

Hello. I’m Mark. This is my first blog post ever. I might delete it later when I have some actual content to deliver. However this post of mine, it will live on…somewhere out there in the ether. Google will keep a copy on file– you know, just in case. Either way, acknowledging that the internet is forever is a good thought exercise. I’m not planning on being controversial so I don’t think I’ll have to cover my tracks in any way. At the same time if, by the end of this experiment, I’ve achieved my goal then I will have reached some people who don’t necessarily agree with me. Those are the people I’m after. I’d like to communicate with some folks who are outside the bubble, people who are just like I was about five years ago. Time is short and we need to get to work, but before we do we need a bigger team.

You say goodbye, I say hello.

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